Hi, I’m Ryan Wu, a graduate student at University of Washington’s Global Innovation Exchange Institute.

Technologies have changed the world so profoundly, it is lucky to be living in this Cambrian Explosion of tech-driven products. In my past 5 years’ experience in the industry, I served at UX consultancies (including EICO) for three years, and in the most recent two years, I worked at the Beijing-based startup Niu Technologies. Gradually, I found my interest and the direction to go for the following years:

  • Keep working on exploring and harnessing available technology, especially the AI to create next-gen products that enable the public to live a better life;
  • Learn how to gather and serve top talents to build robust and productive teams.

I will be available after graduation in Dec-2018. By that time, I will be a unique person for product R&D / management work — enhanced design expertise with 5 years’ experience ahead, ability to develop products with AI/Robotics/IoT skills, and entrepreneurship capabilities. ; )

My portfolio is on a request-review-share basis, if you are a recruiter and want to know more about my professionalism, please feel free to reach out to me.

If you would like to know more about me, welcome to view my LinkedIn Profile.


技术已经如此深刻地改变了这个世界,能生活在这样一个科技产品大爆发的时代是一种幸运。过去的五年间,我曾在用户体验设计咨询公司工作近三年(其中曾服务于 EICO ),后加入牛电科技(小牛电动),做了一些产品方面的工作。逐渐发现了自己未来几年的兴趣和方向:

  • 保持学习,探索并掌握可用的技术,特别是人工智能技术,去创造能提高大家生活品质的新一代产品;
  • 学习如何服务人才,建立高效有力的团队。

我将于 2018 年底毕业。届时,我能扮演产品研发与管理领域独特的角色:在五年设计经验的基础上更进一步的设计方法与理论素养、开发人工智能-机器人-物联网产品的技能、企业家精神。

如果您从事招聘工作,想更多了解我的行业经验、专业技能,请查看我的 LinkedIn 资料,或联系我索取作品集。

我的微博:weibo.com/catalium 欢迎大家与我互动。

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